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April 10, 2024 Meeting

On April 10, 2024, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 65 convened a meeting to address the lodge’s bylaws and ongoing growth.


Vice President Chris Shaw went through the lodges’ new bylaws in detail fielding questions from all members in attendance. Explaining the nuances of our bylaws Vice President Shaw ensured that they met both the National and State standards. Following his presentation, Vice President Shaw motioned for the bylaws to be accepted, which was seconded, and unanimously passed by a lodge vote. Our bylaws will be sent to the State and National lodges for acceptance.


Following the bylaws, President Frank James asked for nominations for the lodge positions of Second Vice President and Second Sergeant at Arms. After nominations and discussions, a vote was held. Jay Burns was voted in as the Second Vice President and Michael H. Adams was voted in as the Second Sergeant at Arms.


President Frank James also nominated Secretary Beth Jeffreys as the lodge’s State Delegate for the upcoming state conference. A vote was held where she was voted in unanimously.


Discussions were also had regarding the upcoming May 16, 2024 event for Officer Joe Burson put on by the City of Holly Springs. Treasurer Randy Milligan added that the lodge’s inaugural and memorial coins for Officer Joe Burson have arrived and now available to purchase via the lodge’s website.


President Frank James also discussed the lodge looking into assisting the State Lodge with their “My Brother’s House” as it is need of immediate renovations to remain operational. He advised he is actively looking for donations from corporate sponsors to accomplish this.


Following this meeting, Lodge 65 continues to grow while adding new members each week. The Board is very optimistic about the continued growth and future of the lodge.


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