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Officer Joe Burson

Officer Joseph "Joe" William Burson dedicated 18 months of his life to serve with the Holly Springs Police Department. Although his time in service was relatively short, the enduring legacy of his compassion and unwavering commitment to both family and the noble profession of law enforcement will forever remain etched in the hearts of those fortunate enough to have crossed his path.

Joe embodied a remarkable blend of charisma, humor, intelligence, and talent, making him a cherished figure in both his professional and personal life. He held the roles of a loving husband, a devoted son, a caring brother, and a true friend.

Tragically, Officer Burson's unwavering commitment led to him making the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty on June 16, 2021.

Officer Joe Burson
Officer Joe & Marykate Burson

Loving Husband

Joe and Marykate Burson's love story began in 2013 when they crossed paths through the high school Jr. ROTC program. Their connection deepened over the years, and by 2015, they officially started dating.


In a beautifully unexpected moment in July 2018, Joe surprised Marykate with a breathtaking proposal, setting the stage for the next chapter in their lives. Despite their youth, the couple exchanged vows on November 2nd, 2019, marking the beginning of their marital journey.

Avid Musician

Joe and his brother, John Thomas, shared a deep passion for music from a young age, often playing together in local settings. Initially drawn to the trumpet, Joe's musical journey took a unique turn when he fell head over heels for the drums. Thus, the drummer Joe emerged, adding a distinctive beat to their musical pursuits.

Joe's love for the drums reached such heights that he managed to persuade his band director at Kell High School to incorporate a drum set and electric guitar into the Marching Band program. On numerous Friday nights at football games, Joe could be spotted sitting on scaffolding, delivering electrifying beats.

Joe Playing Drums

Published Artist

Upon settling into their new home in Ball Ground, Marykate and Joe continued a family tradition by constructing a recording studio in the garage. In this very studio, Joe poured his musical soul into his final recording session. The poignant moment unfolded when, on the night of his passing, Joe shared the recording with the lead guitarist.

In the wake of Joe's untimely departure, the lead guitarist took the Joe's recording and added to it. Shortly after Joe's funeral, the poignant result emerged as the final cut of the song, aptly titled "Hope." This musical creation not only serves as a testament to Joe's drumming prowess but also stands as a profound tribute to his enduring spirit. 

A Close Family

Joe cherished his family bond, and his closeness with them was evident as he, along with Marykate, resided with Bill and Frances in Acworth until they acquired their new home. Music was a central thread in the fabric of their family dynamics, especially for Joe and his brother, John Thomas, both dedicated musicians. Bill and Frances wholeheartedly supported their musical endeavors, extending their encouragement not only during their high school years but also well into adulthood.​


Joe's family was beyond supportive of Joe's choice of profession, and they are supportive of the community of blue that has since come together to shower them with love and respect.

Burson Family

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