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Jan. 17, 2024 Meeting

Updated: Apr 29

On January 17, 2024, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 65 convened for a meeting dedicated to advancing the lodge's ongoing expansion and development.

President Frank James provided an insightful overview of the recent State Lodge meeting, which he and Secretary Beth Jeffreys had attended. He shared valuable insights gained from the event and emphasized the significance of the connections established. Additionally, President James announced their upcoming participation in the FOP Leadership Matters conference scheduled for February. The lodge also deliberated sending delegates to the State FOP Conference in July.

During the meeting, Lodge 65 warmly welcomed its newest member, Chaplain Scott King, who replaced Chaplain Brian Stevens on the board. Chaplain King brings a wealth of experience both in chaplaincy and law enforcement, enhancing the board's capabilities.

The agenda also included discussions surrounding the Officer Joe Burson Scholarship Fund, with the Burson family's requested guidelines under consideration. More details will follow as the fund's formation progresses.

With a positive outlook, Lodge 65 remains committed to its continued growth and prosperity.


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