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Nov. 21, 2023 Meeting

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

On November 21, 2023, members and the board of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 65 convened for a meeting that echoed with a collective sense of purpose and commitment. The agenda for the evening was marked by significant decisions, chief among them the formation of various committees that will play crucial roles in the lodge's growth, community engagement, and member support.

Committee Formations:

Audit Committee (4 Members):

With transparency at the forefront, the Audit Committee was established to ensure financial integrity and accountability within the lodge. Comprising four dedicated members, this committee will diligently review the financial records, practices, and procedures to guarantee sound fiscal management.

Membership Committee (4 Members):

The Membership Committee, consisting of four individuals, will focus on bolstering the lodge's growth. This committee aims to enhance the member experience, encourage participation, and explore avenues for expanding the lodge's reach within the law enforcement community.

Bylaws Committee (5 Members):

The Bylaws Committee, consisting of five members, will be instrumental in shaping the governance structure of the lodge. Their role involves reviewing and, if necessary, proposing amendments to the bylaws to ensure they remain relevant, fair, and aligned with the evolving needs of the members.

Fundraising Committee (6 Members):

Tasked with securing the financial foundation of the lodge, the Fundraising Committee, comprising six dedicated members, will explore innovative ways to generate funds. Their initiatives may include events, partnerships, and fundraisers to support the lodge's activities and initiatives.

Officer Injury & Illness Committee (5 Members):

Comprising five members, the Officer Injury & Illness Committee will focus on the health and well-being of the lodge's members. This committee will oversee the Officer Injury & Illness Fund, ensuring members receive the care and assistance they need.

Social Committee (4-6 Members):

Recognizing the importance of camaraderie, the Social Committee, consisting of 4-6 members, will organize events and activities that foster a sense of unity among the lodge members. Their initiatives will include social gatherings, outings, and celebrations that contribute to a positive and supportive environment.

Scholarship Committee (4 Members):

Comprising four members, the Scholarship Committee will focus oversee the Officer Joe Burson Scholarship. This committee will establish criteria, evaluate applications, and award scholarships to deserving members or their dependents, promoting academic excellence within the community.

Building Committee (4 Members):

The Building Committee, consisting of four dedicated members, will guide the long-term goal of having a meeting hall for the lodge.

Community Outreach Committee (4 Members):

The Community Outreach Committee, comprising four members, will work towards strengthening the bond between the lodge, law enforcement, and the community it serves. This committee will engage in initiatives such as neighborhood outreach, fostering positive relationships and promoting a positive image of law enforcement in the community.

Anyone can volunteer to serve on one or more of the above committees to help better the lodge and its service to our members. If you are interested, please email

As the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 65 embarks on this new chapter, the formation of these committees stands as a testament to the commitment of its members to mutual support, community engagement, and the pursuit of excellence. Each committee, with its unique focus and dedicated members, will undoubtedly contribute to the lodge's growth, resilience, and positive impact on both its members and the community at large.


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